We Create the best value for your own

Founded in 2003, Erkaya Group® has announced its name in a short time and took its place in the sector. Erkaya Group®, which prepares new collections every year, exports to many countries of the world with the brands of Giotelli, Patrick Figaro, Antoni Zeeman, Torres, Klasmen. ERKAYA Group® continues its activities in the fashion sector by leading the future trends and uses all the opportunities offered by the technology. Combining its goal with the motto of keeping up with the age, ERKAYA Group® maintains the existence of a relationship between life and fashion without compromising on quality and style.

Why Erkaya Group

We love our business and this allows us to create great designs. In this way, we design new and special models every year.

You can present these wonderful models to your end users with confidence and enjoyment. We can turn everything you imagine into reality.

Our Vision

Here at Erkaya Group, we all are connected to a very simple mission

» To bring inspiration and style to every men in the world

We embrace change and creativity to deliver the best practical outcomes. We strive to exceed expectations and be the best that we can be, maintaining the highest level of quality.